We want your old shoes!!!


What: We are collecting 7,500 pairs of GENTLY USED shoes…any size…any style…the only requirement is that they must be pairs.


Why: The collection aids a microbusiness growth project (by Funds2orgs.com) that sends the shoes to impoverished countries to teach those in dire economic need the skills of shoe repair and entrepreneurship. As part of their training people in those countries refurbish the shoes and give them a second life.


In return our organizations receive a “finder’s fee” which we will use for organizational costs, like paper and supplies. This allows us to direct more donation dollars to funding new projects, expanding our outreach and to fund vital research to save lives of pets and people.


Your donation helps three great causes.

Who: Paws To People a local, grassroots, 501(c)3 non-profit is committed to saving the lives of people and pets by advancing awareness of and funding for innovative research in the over  400 catastrophic diseases shared by people and pets. We believe that by sharing information, treatments and compassionate study that preventions and cures can be found for killers like cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, dementia and many more.

Sanctuary@ABQ also, a local, grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to organic farming, urban re-purposing, and green technologies. We meet the needs of our communities by developing social enterprises which create sustainable access to organic foods and affordable housing. Our programs are targeted toward youth, seniors, and veterans.


Where: We can set up a collection barrel in your business for on-going participation and empty it as needed. You can collect shoes from family and friends and contact us to pick them up. Collection barrels are throughout the community and there is a list of current participants on the Facebook page: Shoe Drive Fundraiser as well as at the websites of both organizations (BridgesToCures.org and SanctuaryatABQ.org.  Or you can bring your shoe donations to any Sanctuary at ABQ or Paws To People Event.


When: The collection drive ends on December 15, 2017.



The Sanctuary at ABQ accepts cash donations through PayPal.

Please support our organization to help resolve food insecurity in New Mexico