Urban Re-purposing

Rebuilding distressed urban environments can improve commerce and cultural exchange while simultameously preserving the distinct feel of a neighborhood.

In the current state of the economy, many buildings lie underutilized or vacant.  Such facilities attract more crime, and have lower property values.  The Sanctuary at ABQ aims to transform some of these buildings into transitional and/or affordable housing for seniors and veterans to help allay homelessness.  An individual with housing is more likely to become employed again, and more likely to overcome social challenges.  Many of our intended projects will include the integration of mixed-use and urban agriculture space, allowing the possibility of other social enterprises to operate.

An Example of Urban Re-purposing

Check out this video of how distressed properties are transformed into usable living space, which can meet the needs of our communities.  

If this can be done in Detroit, it can be done in Albuquerque!!