Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide tools which create equal access to healthy foods through education, implementation and development of sustainable methods for locally produced food sources that enhance community involvement

Vision Statement 

Foster universal access to healthy food by providing assistance to communities who lack the resources to establish sustainable farming techniques. This can be accomplished through delivery of educational materials, goods, and services that raise awareness and promote community involvement around local food production.  

 Our Values

True Care: compassion toward humanity and our shared environment, expressed through the creation of sustainable enterprises which provide affordable access to organic foods,  Eco - efficient dwellings, and renewable technologies. True care within our communities is necessary to inspire mindful, responsible stewardship of the planet we live on. 

True Knowledge: Through the correct applications of traditional wisdom and natural law, we are a resource that encourages those that desire to make a true difference within their communities. There are numerous unresolved challenges facing our world, and the sharing of true knowledge is a critical step toward facilitating true and sustainable solutions.  

True  Sovereignty : Generate realized  empowerment, through true self- sufficiency and personal responsibility. Great power always come with great personal responsibility.  With true personal mastery comes the ability to overcome adversity, so we can manifest positive social impacts within our communities and environment.