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Aquaponics and STEM Based Curriculum

The Sanctuary at ABQ promotes Aquaponics and STEM based programs within schools.

Such programs are proven to provide numerous benefits for student participants.

  1. Improved student attendance and participation

  2. Improved math and science test scores

  3. Introduction to environmental engagement

  4. Interactive and immersive, offering variety and project-based learning opportunities within current curriculum.

  5. Introduction to learning the intrinsic skill of growing food

  6. Improved creativity and problem solving

  7. Opportunity to develop team building and community resiliency

  8. Introductory access to nutrition and organic foods.

Our pilot project at Washington Middle School in Albuquerque, is an Aquaponics Learning Laboratory.  The facility is designed to teach students how to grow food through Aquaponics, while incorporating STEM-based knowledge into current curriculum.  Visit our "Projects" page for more details regarding this program.